International conference and the field course «Сyanoprokaryota (cyanobacteria): systematics, ecology, distribution»

Dear colleagues! We are pleased to invite you to the International conference and the field course «Сyanoprokaryota (cyanobacteria): systematics, ecology, distribution», which will be held in Apatity (Murmansk Province, Russia) in Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Science.

Preliminary Date: 5–9th September 2016


Preliminary conference topics

  • morphology, systematics and taxonomy

  • phylogeny and classification

  • floristic studies and diversity

  • ecology

  • toxic cyanoprokaryotes

  • collection methods, cultivation, identification

The final version of the conference program and field excursions will be determined based on obtained registration forms a bit later.

The official languages of the conference are Russian and English, including presentations, posters and papers.



Talks (oral presentations), poster sessions, field trips with sampling, microscope work, etc. Oral presentations 30 minutes long in plenary session and 15 minutes in other sessions (including questions). There will be also a poster session.

The lectures and workshops as well as the practical seminar about collecting and identification of Cyanobacteria will be held before the field trips. Participants of field trips should have the raincoats and waterproof boots.

The abstracts submission guidelines and registration fees, as well as details of travelling and accommodation will be announced in the second letter.


Key Dates:

1 March, 2016 mail the completed registration forms

1 April, 2016 second announcement letter, call for abstracts, details of accommodation and registration fees

1 May, 2016 submission of the presentation abstracts

15 May, 2016 notification of abstracts acceptance, third announcement letter, preliminary conference program

1 August, 2016 fourth announcement letter, final conference program